Philpill - a new philanthropy platform for social impact

Philpill is Uniondeb's social impact platform. It started as an MBA project and now transforming into a useful tool for philanthropy and social change. Philpill platform will bring charitable organisations and NGOs, individual donors and businesses together for social impact. Easy giving, tracking and promoting your 'Goodness Footprint' are just some of the few features of this digital solution. The website is live and the app is on its way. Click to join or contact us for further information.

Check out the user stories below to get a bit more flavour.

Individual User & Donor User Story

What do we have for individual donors social impact supporters?

NGO User Story

What do we have for NGOs and charitable organisations needing collaboration and support? 

Business User Story

What do we have for businesses looking to collaborate and create social impact. For example, by partnering with an NGO?